Soleil Ho (SF Chronicle)

TOP 25 Restaurants: Where to Eat in the Bay Area

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The curries, kebabs and rice dishes at this growing group of restaurants are popular with tech workers, students and families.

Since Zareen and Umair Khan opened their first location in Mountain View in 2014, Zareen’s has been a popular spot for diners on the Peninsula seeking homestyle South Asian dishes and a steamy cup of chai. Here, the traditional coexists with the modern: garlic naan is baked to order in a clay oven; street food classics like Karachi’s silky, porridge-like haleem are rendered faithfully; and paneer tikka masala gets wrapped up with rice and chutney in burritos. Desis missing their home food and newbies wanting to learn more will both find something to love here. Note that while its new Redwood City location (2039 Broadway, Redwood City) allows indoor dining, the others do not.